The Different Types Of Carpet Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is not actually a totally dry cleaning method as the name would suggest. Whatever method the dry cleaner uses it always requires a small bit of moisture in the procedure. It is called dry because moisture makes up less than ten percent of the cleaning solution and this leaves very little drying time after the cleaning is finished. There are several methods of application which fall under the general heading of Dry Cleaning.

The first method of dry cleaning carpets that was used is called the ‘Dry Compound Method. This method uses a dry compound for cleaning that is almost one hundred percent biodegradable. The compound is usually scrubbed into the carpet by machine to greatly enhance the cleaning effect. This method needs no type of vacuuming after the application. Since there is very little drying time, this method is greatly preferred by businesses which operate twenty four hours.

‘Polymer Encapsulation is another type of method used in dry cleaning. This advanced technology which came about in the nineties actually works by chemically wrapping the dirt particles up in the polymer compound. This method only leaves a crystalline residue which can be easily vacuumed. Once again there is very little drying time involved. Its crystalline residue also tends to stay on the carpet fibres longer and in turn a carpet cleaned this way stays cleaner and fresher longer. This tends to be the most expensive way to clean a carpet because of the increased chemical cost of the polymer compound.

The next method discussed is the ‘Solvent Extraction Method’. This is actually a hybrid cleaning method which uses a dry cleaning solution that is extracted by a hot water extraction machine. The hot water extraction machine puts down a slightly acidic neutralizing solution during the clean-up process. Because this method uses a solution instead of hot water and is triple vacuumed to produce a drying time of less than 3 hours, it is widely considered to be a type of dry carpet cleaning. Visit for more information.

All the methods mentioned above have been proven effective over the years and are in wide use. Dry cleaning tends to be more expensive than other types of carpet cleaning but it also brings more benefits. If cost is not an issue with most professionals agree you cannot go wrong with any of the dry cleaning methods mentioned above.