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Something we value here at The Nerd Corps is the incredible generous people who support us on our Patreon! Here are just some of the exclusives you can get by becoming a Patron!

Mini Pod: A Patreon Exclusive


Every week you receive an extra 25 minutes of nonsense but at the end of the week you get an exclusive movie review that accompanies the theme of the month just for $2 a month!

After Hours with The Nerdy Chicano


For $5 a month you get an extra 30 minutes with a guest from The Impaired Files this show follows one topic that the guest chooses to discuss for an extra amount of time after the interview!

The Movie Club

Raul joins the $5 tier members to talk about a specific amount of movies together every month!

The Comic Book Club

Our first Patreon goal has been met and we will talk about one specific comic book every month for ALL PATRONS!