The Team

Raúl “TheNerdyChicano” Alejandro Mendoza – Creator of The Nerd Corps

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Raúl is the creator of the brand and hosts shows like The Nerd Corps, The Cinema Condition, The Nerd Corps Live Show, and The Impaired Files. Along with podcasting, Raúl is also an up and coming filmmaker hoping to tell the ignored stories of his community through his production banner Cyclops Films that he created with his older brother.

Luis “TheBrownBambino” Gerardo Garcia – Co-Creator of The Nerd Corps


The self proclaimed absent father of The Nerd Corps, Luis hosted The Nerdy Chicano Show along with Raúl where they both had fun talking about the world. Outside of his podcasting duties, Luis is a nurse and spends time with his wife! Since disbanding the show, Luis remains a key part of our network’s history.

Bradley “YoungYoda” Simmons – Writer/Host


Brad or our resident old man here at The Nerd Corps is one of our founding members and a true talented asset to the team. Brad hosts The Nerd Corps, The Nerd Corps Live Show, and Unstructured but sometimes makes appearances on other shows on the feed. An avid podcaster, Brad is also the Head of Content Development at Cyclops Films and an engineer on his time outside of the podcast. He is a father to two dogs who he loves very much and a husband to his wife who stole his Nintendo Switch.

Ashley “GucciBat” Garcia-Sarabia – Host


Joining in Phase 1 of the brand Ashley was the third head to join the team back in 2018. Ashley hosted The Gamer Corps with Raúl and Brad but she hosts The Ladies of Nerd Corps along with Daniella Nuñez. Other than podcasting Ashley likes to spend time playing video games, gazing at sneakers, and spending quality time with her wife.

Alex “WeebLordSupreme” Adan Flores – Host/Producer


Joining the brand in Phase 2, Alex is the former host of The Weeb Corps. Alex is also an up and coming filmmaker who as of 2019 worked with Raúl on his newest project as editor. If he is not podcasting or editing, Alex could be found at his job or spending time with his partner!

Daniella “La Vanilla Mexicana” Nuñez – Host


Joining in Phase 2, Daniella is one of the two hosts of The Ladies of Nerd Corps. A very driven and outgoing person, Daniella is also an up and coming filmmaker herself. If she is not podcasting or working her manager job she is spending time with friends and her partner.

Alexandra Almeida – Lead Artist


Alexandra joined in Phase 2 as one of the hosts of The Ladies of Nerd Corps but now resides as the official artist of the brand. A cinephile and artist, Alex can be found creating designs every day at unexpected hours. If you don’t believe us, most of these designs were made at 2AM!

Keyon “Mr. Chillzone” Williams – Talent Relations/Host


Keyon Williams aka Mr. Chillzone is our main moderator along with head of talent relations here at The Nerd Corps. He keeps the peace in the chat and makes sure that everything is kept in line with our network. Keyon is an avid gamer and lover of anime. Keyon hosts The Gamer Corps where he discuses the world of one of his biggest passions, gaming.

Jibril Newton – Host/Producer

Jibril Newton is an avid movie, music, and pro wrestling fan who talks about the squared circle on High Flyer Radio. If he is not podcasting with Raul he can be found at the movies or spending time with his partner.

Luis Angel Garcia – Producer/Writer

Along with being an up and coming filmmaker, Luis is a producer and writer for The Nerd Corps. He spends his time coming on commentaries for our Writer’s Pick Commentaries along with the occasional appearance on a review here and there. If he is not working on stuff for the site or network he could be found watching loads of anime, reading manga, and obsessing over fight choreography.

Giovanni Howard – Writer

A writer, creative, and lover of all media, Giovanni Howard is a writer for The Nerd Corps website. He writes reviews for various things he is consuming from the media world. Even though this is one of his homes his main stay is over at The Share Club Podcast. Giovanni can be found on various reviews on the podcast network along with various appearances on The Nerd Corps Live Show. If he is not on his Ho Hosting duties he could be found playing video games like Genshin Impact!