The Nerd Corps Podcast Feed is home to an array of podcasts that tackle subject matter within the entertainment industry! Get to know some of our shows!

The Nerd Corps


Every Monday, Tuesday, sometimes Wednesday, and Saturday hosts Raúl “TheNerdyChicano” Alejandro Mendoza and Bradley “YoungYoda” Simmons talk everything and anything in the movie/tv world! They talk news, box office, review the newest movies out, do a themed review every month where they tackle a specific genre or director, and sometimes even interview those involved in the space like screenwriter Zack Stentz (Thor, X-Men: First Class, and Rim of the World)!

The Gamer Corps


Every Wednesday hosts Raúl “TheNerdyChicano” Alejandro Mendoza, Ashley “GucciBat” Garcia-Sarabia, and Bradley “YoungYoda” Simmons talk about everything happening in the world of video games. Sometimes they bring on cosplayers, streamers, and any video game enthusiast to help tackle the world of gaming with them!

The Nerdy Chicano Show


Every Sunday hosts Raúl Alejandro Mendoza and Luis “TheBrownBambino” Gerardo Garcia talk everything in the world as they sit back, relax, and entertain you on a Sunday morning.

The Weeb Corps 


Every other Friday hosts Alex “WeebLordSupreme” Adan Flores and Katlyn “BabyWeeb” Lambrecht talk about the world of anime by delivering the news, reviews, and just about anything having to do with Japanimation!

The Ladies of Nerd Corps


Every Thursday hosts Ashley Garcia-Sarabia and Daniella Nuñez talk about the social, sometimes political, and entertainment aspects of the world! They’ve brought on a variety of musically talented guests and experts in video games to talk the topics you’re not sure you can talk about!

The Impaired Files with The Nerdy Chicano


An interview show that premieres every other Friday as host Raúl Alejandro Mendoza talks with various people in his life, sometimes creatives he knows and sometimes people from within his team! This is the chance for Raúl to learn more about people and explore what makes them who they are!

Unstructured with YoungYoda


Brad “YoungYoda” Simmons has his own show and every Wednesday he talks about the things that are on his mind. Usually he reviews things Raúl rather not watch or talks about his favorite YouTube comedy shows. We don’t know, it’s unstructured it can be about anything he wants.

The Nerd Corps Live Show

Hosted by Brad and Raul, every Friday and Saturday the two talk anything and everything in the world while streaming it on Twitch for the world to watch it LIVE!

High Flyer Radio

The premiere pro wrestling show where hosts Jabril Newton and Raul talk about everything and anything in the pro wrestling world. From AEW to WWE it is all talked about on the show that you will make you not tap out and tune in!

The Cinema Condition

A podcast devoted to the analysis of film and everything that makes up the beautiful medium of filmmaking. Hosted by Raul as he brings in guests every episode to talk about the deep ends of movies you always want to talk about!