This Week on The Nerd Corps Podcast Feed (September 30th – October 6th)

Wondering how our week went? Look no further than this week on the podcast feed! As always click those sweet edits made by YoungYoda to check these episodes out.

High Flyer Radio #1: AEW Dynamite Preview

We opened the week hot with the debut of our new pro wrestling podcast, “High Flyer Radio.” The hosts introduced the show and gave their thoughts on the AEW Dynamite premiere before its debut!

The Nerd Corps Podcast #279: Not Fun. So Done.

We kicked off Horror Film Month with our amazing guests Ayden and Leah by watching Brad’s first pick which ended up being a complete and total disaster of a movie.

Unstructured With YoungYoda #9: Shook Ones

Unstructured is literally unstructured this week as YoungYoda talks about Kevin Smith’s “Not Ones.”

The Impaired Files #13: Robert Butler III

Raul was joined by RB3 as they discuss RB3’s love of movies and what set him on his path as a filmmaker.

The Gamer Corps #59: Diversify Your Grind

The nerds go deep into a conversation on whether Bungie needs to concentrate on making a new non Destiny game, and Raul also opened the wrong link in this episode a couple of times.

The Nerd Corps Podcast #280: Confusing & Unsatisfying

Claire joins the nerds again this week to review Millennium Actress and she vents her frustration with the film and her overall confusion.

The Nerdy Chicano Show #45: Love For Our People

Luis watched Joker, shenanigans, and a lot of nonsense. It’s pretty much what you would expect from an episode of The Nerdy Chicano Show.

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