Exilium Series: A Spoiler Free Review

Exilium Series: A new Adventure for readers

Have you ever seen Extinction starring Michael Peña on Netflix? If you haven’t it tells the story of a man trying to save his family from an alien invasion only to find out a devastating truth about him, his world, and the said invaders.

This is what the Exilium comic series reminds me of with so much more, having the Earth have alien refugees, human allies and racists, invaders attacking Earth and truths unfolding to a surprise ending. Mr. Slabak and the others who helped envision this story that really brought out a new world and as a comic book geek I really enjoyed something new.

Now this is a short comic book series and as I was reading I kept forgetting so I was left wanting more at the end of every panel.

Now this will be a short and spoiler free review, as Exilium is working on a season 2.

As I mentioned I’m a big comic book geek and have my very own yet small collection, and it’s not very often I add items especially if i didn’t like them, but I hope that I one day find a collection book of these comics to add to my shelve. It’s an interesting story and although some lines were cliché or predictable, I still enjoy it to the fullest reading the entire series in one sitting. As I mentioned above it’s a short series that is pushing for a second “season” of books, so check out the trailer below to get glimpses of the story and the hope for the creator and his Kickstarter.


Overall I HIGHLY suggest this series if you are into aliens, allies, space travel, paradoxes, and so much more Sci-Fi stories. I am extremely grateful I got a chance to read and write about this series, as I don’t normally get many chances and rest assure that the story will keep you entertained as it did me.

If you get a chance you can find this story on Comixology, Coud9Comix and others and help the creator reach their kickstarter goal.

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