Naked Singularity: A Detailed Review

Naked Singularity: THe Reality of the Justice System

If you didn’t already know, the US Supreme Court and the overall US Justice System is one of the most absurd, broken and mal running things in today’s society. It’s really not a news flash as we’ve all clearly seen, yet there are many out there that wouldn’t agree, so to those that don’t agree even with factual evidence I leave you to live your life in your own singularity.

Naked Singularity actively speaks on the matter stated above as we follow the story of Casi, played by John Boyega, who is a district attorney bent on helping the people who are labeled as criminals. He believes they all should be given a second chance, at least to some extent as the majority of cases he receives are based on very minor misdemeanors but would otherwise be label criminal activity to the court of law. This film takes an amazing jab at the problems of the court while throwing a heist theme, physics, and philosophy in the mix.

Now to give you a short run down Casi is a DA who is hit one after the other with false accusations of his character, work and defense for his client by the court of law and his designated judge. He ends up hopeless all while witnessing strange events that only he seems to notice. Until an old acquaintance arrives at his doorstep and opens up a world of choices. This leads to him making the decision of stealing the price tag of a truck load of drugs also trying to be attained by Craig, the main antagonist of the film. He ultimately does get the money and also has the drugs seized making it a clean getaway. With his new found earnings he starts up his new funded attorney office and the rest is up to the imagination.


I REALLY enjoyed this film as it incorporated many aspects that I’ve studied in my own personal life, such as philosophy, philosophy of laws, physics, and a love for a good heist. John Boyega really plays his character well and although it received a rating well below average of 30% rotten I believe it deserves more praise. I honestly believe more people should go see it as it tells a good story, and even though it seems to be showing in select theaters it is available to be rented on Vudu, and other major media distributors.

If you are looking for more reason to like John as an actor then this is definitely the movie for you, not to mention the incredible characters played by Olivia Cooke, Bill Skarsgard, and Ed Skrein. And also as a personal choice I have to mention my EXTREME DISTASTE for this district judge played by Linda Levin, who plays into why the justice system is so broken, following what the “law’ says is wrong even when the perpetrator has signs of a new leaf.


With more detail I want to speak on how they use the idea of a naked singularity, which in physics is at its over simplification the idea that we are able to see inside what a black hole holds which is a singularity that isn’t normally visible, ergo the “Naked” aspect in the title Naked Singularity. John plays an outstanding role in depicting what happens when a man who believes everyone deserves a second chance get grind down to see the injustices that the system brings all in the name of the law. He posed a good picture of a man figuring out what exactly is good and what is actually bad, which I have a lot of research papers down on, especially when faced of stealing money from drug runners. I loved his ideology and his character development at the end, which is a drastic yet understandable new found face of logic.

I don’t just want to speak on John though, as this film really carried its onslaught of big names, as I mention we had Olivia Cooke who you may know more easily in her role as Samantha /Sam in Ready Player One. She also played an outstanding role having her character deal with tough choices, all while trying to keep herself as safe as she can be while getting tangled with the wrong person. We have to mention Bill Skarsgard too, as a more comic relief best friend to John, although he has fewer instances in the 90 min film, he really brought some fun to the plot and not to mention his switch up from playing Pennywise the Dancing Clown in IT. His few scenes really brought out a laugh from the more dramatic tones this film carries and honestly balances out comedy and seriousness that’s covered in here. We also have to mention Ed Skrein who if you don’t recognize his name maybe you’ll recognize Francis as Deadpool calls him in Deadpool, that’s right, he also plays the big bad in a superhero movie which makes him the perfect contender for a drug mule in this film. He plays his role in an immaculate manner that honestly leaves me wondering if he’s too good to not play the bad guy then will he get other roles?

The dynamic that these character play are spot on and just increases the watchability of the film. Yes they are big names for a movie that many may not recognize but it should have been, and I hope that more watch after reading this review.

Bill Skarsgard far left, John Boyega middle left, Olivia Cooke middle right, Ed Skrein far right.

Overall I give this 5 out of 5 stars, I saw really no problems with the film, it was easy for me to follow and my love for reforming the justice system, philosophy, and physics all stand tall in this film. I can honestly say that if you watch and you don’t enjoy the film then maybe I’m the oddball out, but hey don’t just take my word for it really watch it and let me know what you think, till next time, peace.

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