Studio Ghibli Films: A Detailed Review

Studio Ghibli: Anime for BEGINNERS

If you ever wanted to get your foot into the anime world while also watching beautiful animation, mixed with incredible music then you should check out Studio Ghibli’s work.

Studio Ghibli is a small japanese animation company in Koganei, Tokyo, with a number of 150 employees that create these incredible works. Founded in 1985 by Hayao Miyazaki, Toshio Suzuki, Isao Takahata and Yasuyoshi Tokuma, they brought mastered skills to the table and brought years to come of potential, which all paid off in 2003 when they won an Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature Film for Spirited Away, which we are commentating on as we speak for our patreon supporters. They have 22 films out since their first establishment and in this review I want to cover the most recent ones I’ve currently watched and liked, yet I imagine my pick is also the fan favorites.


With the first time ever, an american platform has 21 of the studio’s works online right now (August 2021) that platform being HBO Max, a greatly expanding service that’s gotten a slew of viewers since the 2020 pandemic started. You can go see all of them and let me know if you agree but these films have such a touch to them that brings a sense of warmth from a hand that is not there, honestly a feeling that touches your heart while going through a tough time. The animation is also accompanied by the incredible work of Joe Hisaishi, a conductor for the films and he does an incredible work at portraying these emotions with sound which is more than likely where this feeling that someone is touching my heart comes from. So far I’ve personally seen Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Ocean Waves, Ponyo, My Neighbor Totoro, and I am currently going to do a watch along with friends to see The Wind Rises. Honestly I feel speechless while writing this so at the very least I’ll link a video of the studios work below, if you’d at least like watch these as a “trailer” of sorts.


Now I’m definitely going to be light on the writing as I want to encourage people to read this article without looking at it like they’re reading a book, like I’ve written other articles in the past. But at the very least I want to touch on 3 of the films from the studio including the award winning Spirited Away near the very end.

Princess Mononoke

As I noticed, a good hand full of Studio Ghibli’s work has strong women led protagonists with its share of secondary male protagonists. Princess Mononoke is no exemption with San as a young girl raised by wolves or as the movie portrays them as wolf gods and spirits of the forest. Although Ashitaka, a man from a village cursed after a hatred filled spirit attacks his village and now must go on to find a cure, is the one the story focuses on San is definitely the key and understanding to the story. Not to mention that a lot of the studio’s movies include some sort of topic that may not be talked about enough, in the case of this film deforestation, and human greed as its clear covered topic.

The way the studio portrays the animals as forest spirit guardians is not an unknown take but the way they aren’t just regular wolves, bores, gorillas, etc is mesmerizing. Not to mention the cute little spirit totems that just walk around looking like little creepy dolls but are actually harmless cinnamon rolls in the film are a great addition.

The way the plot and story mix with the incredible work of Joe Hisaishi create a palate so delectable that you’ll want to help the forest and the animals of the world, which we should be doing none the less with our current situation. San is a tough character that grew up watching humans, her own kind, destroy it for their unnecessary items and disassociated from them as never even being human. Which is good on her with all honesty, because we are a species that sometimes act more like animals than animals themselves.

Princess Mononoke is definitely in my number 1 spot from the 22 films released from the studio.

HOwl’s Moving Castle

Now I move on to my second pick and actually my second favorite film from the select 22 films, Howl’s Moving Castle.

In this film magic also runs rampant yet as the last one had human greed this one has war and a theme for pacifism, the stupidity of war and how growing old changes a person for the better with the female characters and protagonist having to deal with sudden gained age. This film has incredible imagery but by far I think it’s one of the films that uses Hisaishi’s talent to its fullest creating a beautiful piece of score.

The music creates a beautiful and elegant tone to what the themes and motives of the film are and I thinks its my personal favorite and reason to place this in the second spot. The story may be a classic trope of a man gaining confidence when the woman he meets becomes his growing romantic interest and the woman lead ends up saving him but it’s not a cliche that takes too much out of the film.

With that being said I must mention when I speak of the greatness this film’s soundtrack has, I’m not the only one who thought that Mr. Hisaishi did an outstanding job but the Tokyo Anime Awards and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award Music Prize thought so too as he won awards for the music made for this film. It’s just too good to not go on about and if you haven’t watched the film at least check out the soundtrack and score available in many places including Spotify.

Spirited Away

Now to the award winning Spirited Away, this film is probably what I first watched when getting into the Ghibli and anime world. It is a piece that takes up the interesting super-naturalistic views. I personally saw in this film the topic of human trafficking and the use of manual labor and contracts to hold them down. A story that follows Chihiro, a little girl that went to explore with her parents a tunnel that blocked their path to their new home. Her and her parents actually end up in the spirit world and her parents turn into pigs leaving Chihiro to find a way to save them ending up selling herself into labor work in a hot spring spa. Ultimately, it’s a journey filled with new courage, friends and just seeing an honest human being trying their best to save themselves and her loved ones while trying not to cause any problems for anyone else.

Aside from the great story and music this film includes incredible scenes some even looking hand painted with watercolor and other mediums. It’s not surprising to find out this film won an award of such caliber. I know Studio Ghibli and its works has gained awards throughout its lifespan but to obtain an Academy Award is outstanding and a thrill.

I won’t hide the idea and plausible fact that these American award ceremonies don’t always appreciate media made by the minority, but seeing films like this winning these awards brings hope to my directing career.

Spirited Away holds so much for its 2 hour runtime and feels like a play having different acts play out throughout its runtime. Not to forget the unforgettable creatures such as No Face, which is always a big thing for me with Ghibli’s films, they always have to have memorable characters that don’t necessarily bring a lot to the larger plots of the films.

“Ponyo” 2008

I also want to add another movie Ponyo simply for the fact that the main characters are just so well created having this cuddly and younger sibling energy.

All in all Studio Ghibli has a large selection of films that really meet anyone’s needs, and I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like or I’ll eat my words. But you don’t have to take my word for it, honestly, just go check it out and let me know what you think, until next time peace.

Naked Singularity: A Detailed Review

Naked Singularity: THe Reality of the Justice System

If you didn’t already know, the US Supreme Court and the overall US Justice System is one of the most absurd, broken and mal running things in today’s society. It’s really not a news flash as we’ve all clearly seen, yet there are many out there that wouldn’t agree, so to those that don’t agree even with factual evidence I leave you to live your life in your own singularity.

Naked Singularity actively speaks on the matter stated above as we follow the story of Casi, played by John Boyega, who is a district attorney bent on helping the people who are labeled as criminals. He believes they all should be given a second chance, at least to some extent as the majority of cases he receives are based on very minor misdemeanors but would otherwise be label criminal activity to the court of law. This film takes an amazing jab at the problems of the court while throwing a heist theme, physics, and philosophy in the mix.

Now to give you a short run down Casi is a DA who is hit one after the other with false accusations of his character, work and defense for his client by the court of law and his designated judge. He ends up hopeless all while witnessing strange events that only he seems to notice. Until an old acquaintance arrives at his doorstep and opens up a world of choices. This leads to him making the decision of stealing the price tag of a truck load of drugs also trying to be attained by Craig, the main antagonist of the film. He ultimately does get the money and also has the drugs seized making it a clean getaway. With his new found earnings he starts up his new funded attorney office and the rest is up to the imagination.


I REALLY enjoyed this film as it incorporated many aspects that I’ve studied in my own personal life, such as philosophy, philosophy of laws, physics, and a love for a good heist. John Boyega really plays his character well and although it received a rating well below average of 30% rotten I believe it deserves more praise. I honestly believe more people should go see it as it tells a good story, and even though it seems to be showing in select theaters it is available to be rented on Vudu, and other major media distributors.

If you are looking for more reason to like John as an actor then this is definitely the movie for you, not to mention the incredible characters played by Olivia Cooke, Bill Skarsgard, and Ed Skrein. And also as a personal choice I have to mention my EXTREME DISTASTE for this district judge played by Linda Levin, who plays into why the justice system is so broken, following what the “law’ says is wrong even when the perpetrator has signs of a new leaf.


With more detail I want to speak on how they use the idea of a naked singularity, which in physics is at its over simplification the idea that we are able to see inside what a black hole holds which is a singularity that isn’t normally visible, ergo the “Naked” aspect in the title Naked Singularity. John plays an outstanding role in depicting what happens when a man who believes everyone deserves a second chance get grind down to see the injustices that the system brings all in the name of the law. He posed a good picture of a man figuring out what exactly is good and what is actually bad, which I have a lot of research papers down on, especially when faced of stealing money from drug runners. I loved his ideology and his character development at the end, which is a drastic yet understandable new found face of logic.

I don’t just want to speak on John though, as this film really carried its onslaught of big names, as I mention we had Olivia Cooke who you may know more easily in her role as Samantha /Sam in Ready Player One. She also played an outstanding role having her character deal with tough choices, all while trying to keep herself as safe as she can be while getting tangled with the wrong person. We have to mention Bill Skarsgard too, as a more comic relief best friend to John, although he has fewer instances in the 90 min film, he really brought some fun to the plot and not to mention his switch up from playing Pennywise the Dancing Clown in IT. His few scenes really brought out a laugh from the more dramatic tones this film carries and honestly balances out comedy and seriousness that’s covered in here. We also have to mention Ed Skrein who if you don’t recognize his name maybe you’ll recognize Francis as Deadpool calls him in Deadpool, that’s right, he also plays the big bad in a superhero movie which makes him the perfect contender for a drug mule in this film. He plays his role in an immaculate manner that honestly leaves me wondering if he’s too good to not play the bad guy then will he get other roles?

The dynamic that these character play are spot on and just increases the watchability of the film. Yes they are big names for a movie that many may not recognize but it should have been, and I hope that more watch after reading this review.

Bill Skarsgard far left, John Boyega middle left, Olivia Cooke middle right, Ed Skrein far right.

Overall I give this 5 out of 5 stars, I saw really no problems with the film, it was easy for me to follow and my love for reforming the justice system, philosophy, and physics all stand tall in this film. I can honestly say that if you watch and you don’t enjoy the film then maybe I’m the oddball out, but hey don’t just take my word for it really watch it and let me know what you think, till next time, peace.

Fear Street Trilogy: A Detailed Review

Viewer Discretion is Advised!

Before anything is said about this trilogy I want to address and warn before watching these movies that in these films there are scenes and dialogue that may be triggering to some viewers. These films include trauma in characters, talk and attempted suicide as well as self harm, including deaths of children or people under the age of 18, not to mention the extreme gore. It goes under their R rating, but be advised if such activities listed above are triggers for you, these films may cause harm please tread carefully when watching.

If you or a loved one suffer from self harm or suicidal tendencies please reach out, you may call the hotline for suicide prevention at 800-273-8255.

Fear Street: It’s NOTHING Like Elm… It’s Better!

If you grew up watching or reading R.L Stine’s Goosebumps then you are familiar with the kiddy horror that we love. Classics like Night of the Living Dummy, The Haunted Mask, The Cuckoo Clock of Doom, and so much more are fan favorite, but what if I told you that R.L Stine’s first horror series of books were oriented more for a young adult reader?

Now, what if I said these books were mixed with cult classic horror films like Jason, Scream, and others? Well Netflix’s newest addition to their originals exclusives is the Fear Street Trilogy.

These films are not of the normal trilogy making though, normally when we think of trilogy movies we think and expect to find these movies a few years apart in their release date. This isn’t the case for these three films, in fact, they were released one after the other in the same month, July to be precise, during 2021. It’s an unexpected move from major companies to pull especially if we are talking about creating demand for more, causing more potential financial benefit. Well Netflix was confident enough that these movies were going to gain fans and decided to released them as I mentioned, and with all honesty they were CORRECT! Now I DON’T want to spoil the films so I’ll keep the reviews as spoiler free as possible.


As an overview, these films are great for what they are marketing, having Fear Street: Part 1 1994 build an amazing start to the series and honestly left me wanting to finish all 3 by the end of the first one. To be completely honest I watch all three in one night and having each be 15 minutes short of 2 hours in runtime, that goes to show how good they were at keeping one’s attention for a total of nearly 6 hours of one’s day.The only problem I have was these movies were the extremely low light shots and sometimes I couldn’t tell if my tv was on or off. Yet these films are a mix of society’s favorite pop culture horror villains while having it’s originality in their origins. They are a great weekend watch if you want to have a watch along with friends, or if you need something to binge Saturday night because you’re not prone to going out, like myself, they’re also great. I’d say they are currently on my top 3 in the horror genre and without spoiling, the twist endings will give you chills. But with all 3 out now, I HIGHLY recommend watching them or atleast check out the trailer below.


Part 1: 1994

The story begins in 1994 as the title suggests, with a town ironically named Shadyside, in which we have one of our major characters we’ll be following named Deena played by Kiana Madeira and Josh, played by Benjamin Flores Jr, her brother. Shadyside lives in infamy as mass murders seem to be a recurring thing, happening every couple of years, with the first recorded event being in 1666 which is rounded to about 300 years worth of killings.

Deena has had troubles after recently breaking up with her closeted girlfriend Sam, played by Olivia Scott Welch and Josh is a shy introvert deeply knowledgeable on murderers, conspiracies and the town’s “lure”. Now after a recent mourn from a recent mass murder the town and their neighboring town, called Sunnydale, certain events led to an escalated situation and then to Sam finding the bones of Sarah Fier a witch from the 1600’s who placed a curse before she was hanged for witchcraft. This curse is speculated by a few to being the cause for the murder sprees that have happened over the years, while others simply blaming the poor providence turning junkies and going psycho. This statement coming from Sunnydale’s Sheriff Goode played by Ashley Zukerman.

So far everyone in town believed it to be just that people having breakdowns and going on murder sprees. Things get intense as Deena, Sam and their other friends fighting to survive the night. When they figure out who and what the killer is, they figure out how to temporarily stop them or at least how to stop it from killing them, in addition to finding out there’s only ever been one survivor setting up for the second film.

All in all, the first part of this trilogy really sold how the other movies were going to be. It’s a thrilling horror movie that really sells the use of practical effects, as at times I was a bit sick at looking at the gore which normally doesn’t happen. There are twist all while technically being the first act out of three total and by that I mean part 2 and part 3 not the structure for a film. Netflix and the films’ director Leigh Janiak really made three films feel like one whole, not time skips just in the way plot and story telling were used here.

Part 2: 1978

We move forward to Part 2 of the trilogy, which sets up after Deena and Sam find out that a survivor exists, being Ziggy Verman played by Sadie Sink as the younger version in 1978 and Gillian Jacobs as the older 1994 version. Although during the first film, Ziggy never actually helped to figure out how to stop the killers, instead she warns the girls at the end saying it will never stop. Deena goes on to find her and ask her to explain and to help them, which Deena finds out that she was actually a survivor from the 1978 camp massacre.

Clearly taking a crack from the original Friday the 13th, it was fun to see that films plot mixed in with the story of the towns curse not to mention the double action in all the gore and violence that takes place in these films. Now I do need to mention that here is where most of the advised triggers happen and although they were rough to see and hear, it added more depth to characters and their stories.

Now seeing as this film is majority the retelling of Ziggy’s memories of that night, we see Sadie’s version as the main character. Sadie and all the other actors like Ted Sutherland who plays a younger version of Sunnydale’s sheriff, were incredible in their roles. She and the others play off of each other in a sense that seemed like we actually got to project someone’s memories onto our screens and I don’t mean like a first person perspective more so that Sadie actually had these events happen to her and used that trauma to play the role. Not to mention the work of McCabe Slye who plays Tommy Slater and the killer in this film, who kept the same monotonic rhythm like I’ve seen Robert Patrick play in T2 as the T-1000.

After we finish the story of that night Ziggy reveals that there might actually be a way to stop the curse of the town which brings us to part 3.

Part 3: 1666

In part 3, as it is titled 1666 it places us in the 1600’s were we see the town’s first establishment. This part really takes a turn and reveals so much on the history and origin of what the town calls a curse. Up until this point we’ve acknowledged that the curse can’t be easily stopped unless we bring an object to where Sam first came in contact with it. When Deena goes on to find the object, upon returning it to the first contact spot she unlocks the truth through obtaining the memories of Sarah Fier, the supposed witch who placed the curse. These memories taking place as if Deena was the witch, and all the towns’ folk being her friends, bringing back the original cast from the first and second part as well now all together.

With that, the first and third act we find out the truth of who and what the curse is, leading to a very climactic third act in the film, and not just for the film but of the trilogy’s entirety. WHEN I SAY YOU ARE NOT READY FOR THE TRUTH YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE ME.

As I mentioned the revelations that come out of 1666 are so unexpected but they also make sense if you went Sherlock Holmes while viewing at the very beginning. While I was watching, the end of the second act gave me chills and left me with goosebumps on my skin until the end. I also have to mention the person that stole the show for me was McCabe Slye as Mad Thomas who without a doubt gave a performance like Robert Pattinson as the old preacher in The Devil All The Time. All I could think about was the similarities between the two and how McCabe’s performance sold for a mad preacher that would blame anyone as heathens and even prosecute innocents as witches and other. But nonetheless Kiana Madeira does an amazing job at playing her part as Sarah Fier.

Final Thoughts

Overall, as I tried keeping it spoiler free, I want to just say that these films were great to watch and a fun time. Kiana, Olivia, McCabe, Sadie Sink, Benjamin Flores Jr, and everyone else really did an outstanding job.

There was ever only one problem that was out of their hands and left in the production crew which was lighting, as many of the night and dark scenes were literally too dark to tell what was going on. It thankfully wasn’t enough to take me out of it but seeing as I watched in complete darkness with no glare on the glass, it was still a problem.

From that being my only take away, I really hope that people who enjoy horror and overall good films go and watch these on Netflix, even if you don’t have one ask a friend, ask your parents, borrow a neighbors account, you have to watch. But as I always say don’t take my word for it, go go go and watch for yourself and let me know what you think, till next time, peace.

The Forever Purge: A Detailed Review

The Forever Purge: Pa’ La Cultura

From dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, to now seeing the Purge release it’s fifth and final installment we have a world of trouble filling up our plates. With the newest purge, one’s life just stays getting involved with some sort of danger. On one hand you die from a deadly disease that’s rampaging through the world, on the other you may die or at the very least get hurt, from dealing from a deadly white supremacist .

That’s what Everardo Valerio Gouts’ newest purge, The Forever Purge, deals with. Taking a depiction of what immigrants, Mexican immigrants as its focus, deals with with white supremacists and purists in this country [United States of America] while also having the film’s trope of anarchy and legal use of force against innocents based on pure hatred, superiority complex, and so forth. Although The Purge and it’s other films have spoken on political subjects and overall paint a picture of how governments could cause problems, not to mention how having certain laws can bring unprecedented consequences, this one hits close to home having the Latinx culture and discrimination being the underlining center of topic in an AMERICAN FILM.

You read it that last sentence right folks, this isn’t just a “Mexican Movie” because the director is of Mexican heritage and the main actors are Mexican actors, this is an AMERICAN movie that just so happens to have a Mexican director and actors.


Now having a movie with a budget of only 18 million, it’s going to have its fair share of problems, specifically dealing with editing. By that, I mean that certain scenes that have large areas of destruction didn’t look very realistic, or sound design not matching up to what’s happening in the scene. But with that aside, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It may come from seeing Mexican leads kicking ass or that the overall story, it’s really just enjoyable to watch. With a run time of ~90 minutes of without the extra ~30 of credits, it felt incredibly short, which to me meant that I was enjoying it so much that time passed a little too quick. The actors were great and the scripts, although having its rough patches here and there did a good job at telling its story from its first act to the third. But if you don’t believe me check out the movie still in theaters or on VOD, or at least the trailer down below and tell me what you think.


To start, The Forever Purge is the last installment of The Purge franchise and what a way to end its run none other than addressing immigration, discrimination, white supremacy, and extreme puritans. Starring Ana de la Reguera (pictured above) as Adela, Tenoch Huerta as Juan, a couple that crossed the border in hopes of finding a better and safer life than in Mexico who also happened to cross months before the annual purge commences making it their first purge ever. We’ve seen Ana carry herself in many other films such as the recent Army of the Dead, Nacho Libre, Narcos and so many others both in Mexican entertainment and American made items. Tenoch Huerta has also been known to carry himself well in the films he’s been in, although made for Spanish speakers, hits like Sin Nombre and Narcos Mexico are great roles, not to mention having him cast as Namor in the upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Marvel film!

His work seems to be growing in the realm of American filmmaking, which is without a doubt a win for the Mexican and Latin community. If you haven’t checked out his work because of language barrier I urge you to check it out and have the subtitles put on, you won’t regret it.

Aside from these two incredible actress/actor, we have to include the other major dialogue characters. One other character that is a close friend of both characters above is T.T played by Alejandro Edda who’s had his fair share of amazing roles, such as in Narcos Mexico, Fear the Walking Dead, American Made and others. Although The Forever Purge can’t talk about supremacist and people balancing on the line of puritan or ally we are then introduced to Dylan Tucker played by Josh Lucas, Emma Kate played by Cassidy Freeman, and Harper Tucker played by Leven Rambin.

Now although both Cassidy’s character and Levin’s are accepting of their immigrant and Mexican employees/friends, Josh’s isn’t necessarily inclined to let the unknown culture in. Since the start of the film we can see his distaste for accepting either the help of Mexicans or of their culture even stating in a scene that he doesn’t necessarily hate them more so believes they should stay separated. Although, after the purge ends people are continuing the rampage, he and his family get in trouble and get saved by Juan and T.T and continue getting helped by them, it is then we begin to see a change and can easily tell the characters development throughout the remainder of the film.

With that, it honestly gives hope to certain people who aren’t yet completely blinded by prejudices, racism, etc. When you have a bit of prejudice against certain people and they are the only hope you have for survival, the only logical thing to do is overcome it and learn to trust them.

Juan played by Tenoch far left, Adela played by Ana middle, T.T played by Alejandro far right

Overall this film takes an interesting approach to how immigrants are discriminated against in the US, although there isn’t a nation wide white supremacist uprising like The Forever Purge (YET) there is still violence that happens towards us all in the name of being a “true patriot” of this country.

I very much enjoyed this film even with its CGI problems and weird sound design, but that’s not a problem with actors or directorial guidance more so on the budget of the film and since this is only a 18 million dollar project one can’t compare to 50 or even 100 million dollar projects. Although the highest budget from the franchise, the charges on certain items add up like location costs, and it being near the border I imagine it isn’t cheap if filmed legally and properly, it’s not surprising that certain effects couldn’t hold up.

It’s not the best film ever made but it’s great in the fact that it touches on aspects to taboo for other English films and not to mention that it does it in an entertaining manner. But if you don’t believe me you’ll just have to go see it for yourself and let me know what you think, until next time peace.

Free Guy: A Detailed Review

Free Guy: A.I To The Rescue

Have you ever wanted to see a movie that’s a a mix of Ex-Machina, Deadpool, Grand Theft Auto all in the format of Wreck-It Ralph? Well look no further now that 20th Century Studios released Free Guy, a movie based on an video game NPC gaining consciousness who decides to become the hero of his story, not only helping his world he ends up helping and falling for one of his developers. Starring Ryan Reynolds, one can only expect a movie filmed with adult jokes and overall knockout comedy.


This movie brings forth everything one might need while having a tough day, it brings laughter, smiles and just a great distraction from life. If you are familiar with other works from Ryan Reynolds then it’s not an unexpected thing for a film to bring. Not to mention that this movie creates meta references that majority of people would get. The story is also a very nice paced piece, incorporating action, romance, and comedy all in a balanced diet of film. If you plan on watching, go as soon as you can if you are hesitant then watch the trailer below, go with your friends, take your family, or simply go alone to treat yourself, because I know I’ll definitely be going to the theaters to watch this movie again!


As I mentioned, Free Guy follows the the story of Guy a non playable character in Free City, whose whole life never felt enough. One day he meets a player named Molotov Girl/ Millie played by Jodie Comer, that instantly gains his attention to the point of breaking out of his built in code to repeat the same routine. Once free he begins to learn and adapt to his world and learns what he actually is. Meanwhile the player he met is actually a developer that is fighting a court case with Antoine, the creator of Free City, who had bought yet illegally used her game in his game code. Guy and Millie go on to find evidence that Antoine used her game before he launches Free City 2 which will destroy not only Guy and his advance A.I but all evidence of his mal doing.

This movie not only has Ryan Reynolds (middle in picture) and Taika Waititi (far left in picture), who are big names but it has a slew of recognizable people, major ones being of course Jodie Comer (middle right in picture) who was on Killing Eve, Joe Keery (far right in picture) who was in Stranger Things, Utkarsh Ambudkar (third right of middle in picture) who is currently in Never Have I Ever and Lil Rel Howery (left from middle in picture) from Get Out. Now let’s mention big names that also made appearances like Channing Tatum, Ninja, Jacksepticeye, Pokimane, DanTDM, Chris Evans, Alex Trebek and so many more. It not only has big appearances from actors but major references to other items, like Avengers, Star Wars, Portal, etc.

Overall the performances by all parties was outstanding and made for a film filled with chemistry between characters. The story had it’s 5 minutes short from a 2 hour run time but felt shorter than what one actually spent watching, honestly leaving me wanting more. With the film having references for new and older audiences it really is a family film, despite the PG-13 rating. Not to mention the Thursday night opening of ~2.2 million at the theaters with COVID-19 still running high, granted having a budget of 100 million if this opening weekend doesn’t make ~20 million it would be considered a flop financially.

Now this review/ reviewest doesn’t take into consideration financial wins, although it is very important in this industry, the contents it has are at its essence preferably at higher priority. As I mentioned in other articles there is two questions that must be answered when watching a film, one pertains to the action genre, but the other is universal. Is this film enjoyable and worth watching once let allow multiple times? And for this film the answer is yes, it was not only worth it to watch once but I’ll definitely be watching it more times in theaters.

Jodie Comer as Molotov Girl and Ryan Reynolds as Guy in 20th Century Studios’ FREE GUY. Photo by Alan Markfield. © 2020 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

All in all I HIGHLY recommend watching this film and will honestly go watch it as soon as I upload this article. So remember watch this movie contemplate if you are in someone’s game and be the hero of your story. But Don’t take my word for it, again check it out now as it is in theaters and let me know what you think, till next time peace.