Blood Red Sky: A Detailed Review

Blood Red SKy: Snakes on a Plane… But Supernatural

Have you ever seen Snakes on a Plane starring Samuel L. Jackson and thought I could survive that? Well what if you had vampires on the plane?

Blood Red Sky is a Netflix film with the premise of a passenger on a plane having a deadly disease that she is trying to get under control but it ultimately takes a turn for the worst. The plane is then taken hostage by terrorist having a goal to recreate 911 in London for monetary gain. She ultimately loses control and we see that the disease she was fighting is her thirst for blood as it turns out she’s a vampire. Not to mention she has been accompanied by her son, going to New York in hopes of a scientist being able to help them. With one of the terrorist figuring out what she is, he ends up turning into a vampire as well and all hell breaks loose.


Overall, as crazy as the summary above seems this film really works with its take on vampires steering away from it being a monster hunting in a small town. We can see the fight that the main protagonist puts in order to control the classic blood urges, and the ultimate savagery near the end of the third act. I wasn’t expecting such entertainment and for a 2 hour runtime it keeps you mesmerized and focused on trying to figure out what’s going to happen in the end, which you probably won’t guess. If you are looking for a good supernatural tone and a bit of gore on Netflix, then Blood Red Sky is a good choice, if you’re still not sold check out the trailer below.


Now we have a few recognizable faces in this film starting with Dominic Purcell, Chidi Ajufo, and others. Of course it isn’t “A-List” actors, or the more talked about actors and actresses, but nonetheless the performance by all individuals really created a piece of what I’m saying could be the next selection of cult classics. In addition, talking about Carl Anton Koch who plays Elias the son of Nadja, the main protagonist and vampire in question played by Peri Baumeister.

There is no surprise when saying that the younger generation of child actors and actresses are storming the industry with great skills and performances and he is no exemption. He plays this traumatic experience incredible and sold to me the pain of seeing his mom lose her humanity while also seeing her get hurt trying to save him. Not to mention his ultimate sacrifice at the end by being the one to have to kill his own mother.

As always I try to not mention many spoilers as every movie I review is one that I recommend to go see if you have the time, so the same goes for this movie. Elias is a child going through many emotions and traumatic events from plane hijacking, seeing his mom get shot, seeing her get hurt, watching people die and overall to top it off ending up having to kill her. Carl shows each distress well, with tears and snot bubbles, in a good way, almost reminding me of Viola Davis’s choice of performance in Fences. You can see in the picture above that he has gone through a lot in the span of a couple of hours and his eyes show each and every emotion being involved, and with all honesty it brought a sense of sorrow for him even if it is a film. By such review, I have to give Mr. Koch a standing ovation and hope to see him in future works as he grows older.

I also have to mention other characters having Kais Setti play a honorable ally even from the beginning, although he is used by the antagonists as a tool, painting him as the terrorists who took over the plane and adding to the stereotype of terrorist being of Middle Eastern descent. His character shows the anger of this racial stereotyping to be frustrating and yet even when being held at gunpoint by military and antagonist he shows his will of fire, but it goes to show how white terrorist can get away with such acts if they blame the one group of people every racist and bigot believes who terrorists are.

I also have to mention the big bad of the film, Alexander Sheer playing Eight Ball, a psychotic man that seems to be enjoying the killing and chaos, even to the point of letting himself turn into a blood hungry creature. His performance of such psychopathic tendencies really was sold to me, as at one point I thought he was a real life menace to society. Not to mention that as I look through his other work I can’t seem to take out of my head his portrayal of a villain, which goes to show that the acting wasn’t bad at all.

Going from the main antagonist to the main protagonist, Peri Baumeister did an good job at selling her character from the disease to fear for the safety of her on screen child. If someone told me that her and Carl were actually mother and son I wouldn’t dismiss the notion, down to the last teardrop she had seeing Elias in such chaos.

The film’s plot, actors and makeup were phenomenal and was a great watch on a Sunday afternoon, having little to nothing in mind while looking for a distraction, Blood Red Sky did an incredible job at taking a new spin to a very old tale of blood sucking creatures.

Overall, although if you are prone to looking at ratings, critics wise this film did great, it may have the audience split in half but I can say that this film wasn’t bad at all. I have a love for watching monster movies and this one certainly got in my top 10 for 2021’s release of new films. But if reading this doesn’t intrigue you enough, just go and check out the film out now on Netflix and let me know what you think. Till next time, peace.

A Quiet Place: A Detailed Review

A Quiet Place: Jim Halpert’s a Director?!

We are used to seeing horror films with classic tropes, having a psychopath(s) as a killer, a legend turned real by speaking its name, nightmare entities, ghosts, demons, etc. But I think A Quiet Place takes a top position on ranks in the alien & horror genre, as it take will leave you speechless, literally. Now when building a horror film’s world we need to have some story, the lore, characters fighting for leadership or more freedom, finding the weakness, and that usually includes having dialogue between the group of survivors, but that’s not the case in a film that has little to no dialogue.

A Quiet Place is a film whose central plot revolves around the idea that noise will be your worst enemy, all because of unknown creatures attacking and killing anything that’s louder than a sneeze in a library. Imagine yourself at 3 am heating up a snack and trying your best not to make noise, only to send a city wide alert with the ding from the microwaved food, waking up an angry parent. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a silent film, not in the slightest, but the fear factor that this movie resonates is the complete silence there is and the intensity to hold your breath with the characters when they are in a deadly scenario.


Now as a quick overview, I want to say that John Krasinski is very much a loved person for his role as Jim Halpert on The Office and although this isn’t his first directorial work, he is sure now known as an up and coming director. A Quiet Place is a horror film that is out of the norm and although it isn’t the first movie to come up with a noise kills trope to induce fear, it is a major one in today’s game that uses it to its fullest potential in an incredible way. If you haven’t already seen it and need a new fright for a Friday night, then you should check this movie out or if not at least the trailer down below.


Unlike other films where antagonists are usually already established, or at least has some form of lore, this film’s creatures don’t have anything on them other than being blind and attracted to noise. We can see newspaper clipping and such information describing the creatures first appearance and it being unaffected by man made weapons, but ultimately the film starts us months from the first encounter with Lee Abbott played by John Krasinski, Evalyn Abbott played by Emily Blunt, Regan Abbott played by Millicent Simmonds and Marcus Abbott played by Noah Jupe living in a barn house out by the forest.

Seeing this family living as best they can while also maintaining little to no noise really makes you think if you could survive in such a world. Everyone in the film did an outstanding performance, especially having to act without much dialogue and to learn sign language just for the film is incredible.

Not to toot my own horn but I think I would be able to live such a life, especially being shown little secrets of how to make noise without the creatures coming after you.

To me this whole movie is about family…

– John Krasinski, Vanity Fair, Scene Breakdown of “A Quiet Place”

Now with the quote above the director himself takes his movie as more so about family, and what lengths you would go to protect them. With that, going in to rewatch this film since its release in theaters I can definitely see what he means by this, all the way until the end which I will speak on shortly. Now we are very familiar with John and Emily’s acting career, they’ve been in many greatly shot films, so it’s no surprise they were great as partners in this film, not forgetting that they are actually married outside the big screen. John has had much success playing Jim Halpert on The Office, 13 Hours, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, etc. and Emily has been in many films from Edge of Tomorrow, Sicario, Mary Poppins, and now in Disney’s recent Jungle Cruise. But the actress I want to mostly focus on is Millicent Simmonds who, like her film’s counterpart, is deaf in real life which Krasinski said was a great importance when looking for the person to play this character.

As I mentioned, Millicent is deaf in real life and John has stated he also wanted someone that can help him properly bring out elements from a family who has a child that is deaf. John worked with Millicent to bring out the best in the film and that’s exactly what we get. Not only is Millicent’s character an important protagonist for the film, she is literally the key to defeating the creatures in the end. She brings out the real life qualities that people who are deaf experience for their entire life, if not entire majority. She plays her character well having the parents in the film being overprotective, putting extra safety for her and her just wanting to prove she is able to live while also being able to survive without them. She shows her frustration, dedication, and strength to prove she’s capable and in the end she was the one who figured out some sort of weakness for the creatures by using her hearing aid frequency to counter the creatures sensitive hearing.

Overall Millicent Simmonds is an actress I hope to see more of in future films, hopefully in more main character roles. John, Emily and Noah also bring a great dedication to learning sign language for the film as a family with a deaf child or family member would have that skill in order to communicate, it just brings hope for filmmakers to have more actors and actresses with disabilities without patronizing them.

Coming back to Emily Blunt’s performance, as I mentioned she isn’t shy of being on the big screen and this film sees no less of her great skills, having taken a nail to the foot, and giving birth in a bathtub and showing such pain all WITHOUT MAKING NOISE or at least until something louder made noise. She plays her role well as a mother but while I was watching I remembered when I first saw this movie in theaters, hearing everyone gasp as a nail entered her foot and seeing peoples grasp their arm rests while she gave birth in a bad tub all by herself, it really made this film as thrilling as possible. Not to mention John’s overall performance and ultimately sacrificing himself to save his kids, which goes back to the quote above. Everything we see his character do is to protect his kids and his pregnant wife, doing whatever it takes to get it done, even screaming at the top of his lungs to distract the creatures from killing his kids stuck in a car.

Photo by Jonny Cournoyer/Paramount/Kobal/Shutterstock (9484218ac) Noah Jupe front left, Millicent Simmonds back left, John Krasinski right “A Quiet Place” Film – 2018

Without causing this article to get any longer, A Quiet Place really is a thrilling and incredible movie, something I wish I could experience again for the first time in theaters. If having noise hunting killer creatures isn’t enough, then maybe a warm telling of protecting one’s family can have you wanting to check out the film. Not to mention the prequel/sequel that came out this year being a great reason to check out the first, not to worry I’ll have an article written about that one as well. But don’t take my word for it, if you do watch it let me know what you think, till next time, peace.

Candyman (2021): A Detailed Review

Candyman: Don’t look in your reflection?

If you’ve ever played Bloody Mary during your younger years, then you’d understand the fear that comes when staring into an empty mirror hoping that the only thing you’ll see is yourself. And if you ever survived the bloody mary scare, how about you try out Candyman, all you have to do is say his name five times… Candyman.

Nia DaCosta’s new film, titled the same as the the original’s, Candyman has finally come out, and if you fear something being in your reflection then this movie will definitely bring fear into your life. I have to mention as well that with this premiering on August 27, as I am writing this article Nia DaCosta has made history with not only being the first black woman to direct a Marvel film but holding her own with the horror films, as this film has been a box office success, winning 22 million opening weekend. I was amazed by her work in this film and can’t wait to see her future films, now about Candyman.


Ms. DaCosta’s vision for this film really stood out, aside from the overall fear factor given from the story, her decision in shots are incredible. She understood the assignment, being that a horror film isn’t just all jumpscares, it’s a thought out process of inducing fear, making the viewers uncomfortable and not to mention the incredible use of special effects. This film is made well for the pleasures of both everyday viewers going to see it for the thrill of a horror movie, but also made for the dedicated movie goers, filmmakers, critics, etc. I had an incredible watch not to mention the unexpected real life light flickers that happened while the characters where summoning him, I am definitely going to see it again and I’m bringing my siblings with me to give them an early scary halloween. But if you don’t believe my word for it, just check out the trailer below.


Now I’ve mentioned the director’s incredible abilities, but let me talk about the actors and actresses that also helped interpret the story. Firstly, talking about Yahya Abdul Mateen II’s performance as Anthony, our main protagonist in the film. Mr. Mateen II’s performance brings life to a man whose life is gaining a great turn for the worst showing the complications of not being able to tell whether something is real or not. Anthony goes on through his life trying to put his name on the map but when your name starts getting tied to murders, you don’t know whether to be happy or cautious, well for Anthony it’s clearly a positive as you see in the film. His steady growth into madness throws us the viewers into a sense of figuring out whether he’s actually doing the killings, if something else is at play, if there really is a curse, and overall wanting to know more.

Not to mention the sting he got on his arm, becoming more and more deteriorated for the plot twist at the end of the film. Now I don’t want to spoil the film because I want more people to go see, but having him being such an pawn for “candyman” at the end really threw me into a surprise which I didn’t mind. In addition, with the prosthetics used to provide a honeycomb skin texture, it really threw me for a loop and if you have trypophobia be warned this film has a lot of this at the end. The scenes really had me scratching myself and at times, I just couldn’t handle too much as it looked so realistic, but nonetheless a great addition to the film.

I also have to talk about Teyonah Parris who plays Brianna, Anthony’s partner in the film. At first, one would think shes just a partner for the main protagonist but as we continue forward there’s more into her story that meets the eye. Not to mention the ending of the film and her role on how Candyman’s legacy survives. I left the theater just wanting to know more about her character and her story with her father, and her link with Candyman and Anthony. We can see she has a traumatic past with the death of her father, watching him fall from the window in what seems like their home, her distaste for speaking of said events or even just being associated with his work. They mention her father and his work a bit but unless I missed something, left his story a mystery up for interpretation to the viewer. Ultimately, her performance was great and really threw in a good B-story to the film. Having her have to choose between letting Candyman live or die at the end really threw in an importance towards understanding parts of the legend though, not to mention the use of racial discrimination, police brutality, and abuse of power by white people and police.

We were given why such a legend exists and why certain people are used for the legend to continue, it ties in the the first man being turned into the hooked, tortured and bone showing person because of racial classist and supremacy back in the 1800’s, which I really enjoyed seeing. Having a film show entertainment value and yet still able to send a message without people walking out really says something about the importance of good storytelling.

Now with the antagonist in mind, we just don’t have the legend of Candyman, we also have what I would classify as his follower. Colman Domingo plays William Burke, a person that witnessed Candyman as a child while also seeing his sister dead after playing his game. When entering the theater room you would expect for him to be a good guy that’s helping Anthony figure out how to stop Candyman but the plot twist at the end really throws you out a window. His performance as a hiding antagonist was really sold to me, his switch up from a sane person to a psychotic fanatic really is well done and I give him a standing ovation for tricking me and what I imagine many others too.

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett left and Kyle Kaminski right.

Now although the 2 main protagonists and antagonist are phenomenal, we do have to add 2 great additions into the film to just add some comedic elements into the pacing. Nathan Stewart-Jarrett who plays Troy, Brianna’s brother, and Kyle Kaminski who plays Grady, Troy’s boyfriend. This power couple really just brought a lot of laughs during my watch, although it wasn’t enough to take away the fear factor, it was a nice add on. like adding sea salt to your chocolate chip cookie. Troy and Brianna’s sibling love really give off a realistic tone, having witty conversations, banter, talking a “toxic” partner, the over protectiveness, etc.

I also have to mention one more element involved in the film, the use of marionettes or the paper puppets we see when characters were sharing the story of Candyman. As a director, I always struggled on how to tell certain story elements in a film without the use of just dialogue, without the need of CGI, animation, etc. I would have never thought to use professional puppeteers, which gave of a child’s bedtime story tone.

All in all this film was a great way to spend my Friday night and really has me wanting to see more horror films, especially coming so close to the spooky holiday. I highly recommend people watching this film and giving props to Nia DaCosta as a director. Her skill in scene placement and incredible shots, have me waiting for her Marvel works. But don’t take my word for it, go and watch it today as the film is out now, let me know what you think, till next time, peace.

Studio Ghibli Films: A Detailed Review

Studio Ghibli: Anime for BEGINNERS

If you ever wanted to get your foot into the anime world while also watching beautiful animation, mixed with incredible music then you should check out Studio Ghibli’s work.

Studio Ghibli is a small japanese animation company in Koganei, Tokyo, with a number of 150 employees that create these incredible works. Founded in 1985 by Hayao Miyazaki, Toshio Suzuki, Isao Takahata and Yasuyoshi Tokuma, they brought mastered skills to the table and brought years to come of potential, which all paid off in 2003 when they won an Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature Film for Spirited Away, which we are commentating on as we speak for our patreon supporters. They have 22 films out since their first establishment and in this review I want to cover the most recent ones I’ve currently watched and liked, yet I imagine my pick is also the fan favorites.


With the first time ever, an american platform has 21 of the studio’s works online right now (August 2021) that platform being HBO Max, a greatly expanding service that’s gotten a slew of viewers since the 2020 pandemic started. You can go see all of them and let me know if you agree but these films have such a touch to them that brings a sense of warmth from a hand that is not there, honestly a feeling that touches your heart while going through a tough time. The animation is also accompanied by the incredible work of Joe Hisaishi, a conductor for the films and he does an incredible work at portraying these emotions with sound which is more than likely where this feeling that someone is touching my heart comes from. So far I’ve personally seen Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Ocean Waves, Ponyo, My Neighbor Totoro, and I am currently going to do a watch along with friends to see The Wind Rises. Honestly I feel speechless while writing this so at the very least I’ll link a video of the studios work below, if you’d at least like watch these as a “trailer” of sorts.


Now I’m definitely going to be light on the writing as I want to encourage people to read this article without looking at it like they’re reading a book, like I’ve written other articles in the past. But at the very least I want to touch on 3 of the films from the studio including the award winning Spirited Away near the very end.

Princess Mononoke

As I noticed, a good hand full of Studio Ghibli’s work has strong women led protagonists with its share of secondary male protagonists. Princess Mononoke is no exemption with San as a young girl raised by wolves or as the movie portrays them as wolf gods and spirits of the forest. Although Ashitaka, a man from a village cursed after a hatred filled spirit attacks his village and now must go on to find a cure, is the one the story focuses on San is definitely the key and understanding to the story. Not to mention that a lot of the studio’s movies include some sort of topic that may not be talked about enough, in the case of this film deforestation, and human greed as its clear covered topic.

The way the studio portrays the animals as forest spirit guardians is not an unknown take but the way they aren’t just regular wolves, bores, gorillas, etc is mesmerizing. Not to mention the cute little spirit totems that just walk around looking like little creepy dolls but are actually harmless cinnamon rolls in the film are a great addition.

The way the plot and story mix with the incredible work of Joe Hisaishi create a palate so delectable that you’ll want to help the forest and the animals of the world, which we should be doing none the less with our current situation. San is a tough character that grew up watching humans, her own kind, destroy it for their unnecessary items and disassociated from them as never even being human. Which is good on her with all honesty, because we are a species that sometimes act more like animals than animals themselves.

Princess Mononoke is definitely in my number 1 spot from the 22 films released from the studio.

HOwl’s Moving Castle

Now I move on to my second pick and actually my second favorite film from the select 22 films, Howl’s Moving Castle.

In this film magic also runs rampant yet as the last one had human greed this one has war and a theme for pacifism, the stupidity of war and how growing old changes a person for the better with the female characters and protagonist having to deal with sudden gained age. This film has incredible imagery but by far I think it’s one of the films that uses Hisaishi’s talent to its fullest creating a beautiful piece of score.

The music creates a beautiful and elegant tone to what the themes and motives of the film are and I thinks its my personal favorite and reason to place this in the second spot. The story may be a classic trope of a man gaining confidence when the woman he meets becomes his growing romantic interest and the woman lead ends up saving him but it’s not a cliche that takes too much out of the film.

With that being said I must mention when I speak of the greatness this film’s soundtrack has, I’m not the only one who thought that Mr. Hisaishi did an outstanding job but the Tokyo Anime Awards and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award Music Prize thought so too as he won awards for the music made for this film. It’s just too good to not go on about and if you haven’t watched the film at least check out the soundtrack and score available in many places including Spotify.

Spirited Away

Now to the award winning Spirited Away, this film is probably what I first watched when getting into the Ghibli and anime world. It is a piece that takes up the interesting super-naturalistic views. I personally saw in this film the topic of human trafficking and the use of manual labor and contracts to hold them down. A story that follows Chihiro, a little girl that went to explore with her parents a tunnel that blocked their path to their new home. Her and her parents actually end up in the spirit world and her parents turn into pigs leaving Chihiro to find a way to save them ending up selling herself into labor work in a hot spring spa. Ultimately, it’s a journey filled with new courage, friends and just seeing an honest human being trying their best to save themselves and her loved ones while trying not to cause any problems for anyone else.

Aside from the great story and music this film includes incredible scenes some even looking hand painted with watercolor and other mediums. It’s not surprising to find out this film won an award of such caliber. I know Studio Ghibli and its works has gained awards throughout its lifespan but to obtain an Academy Award is outstanding and a thrill.

I won’t hide the idea and plausible fact that these American award ceremonies don’t always appreciate media made by the minority, but seeing films like this winning these awards brings hope to my directing career.

Spirited Away holds so much for its 2 hour runtime and feels like a play having different acts play out throughout its runtime. Not to forget the unforgettable creatures such as No Face, which is always a big thing for me with Ghibli’s films, they always have to have memorable characters that don’t necessarily bring a lot to the larger plots of the films.

“Ponyo” 2008

I also want to add another movie Ponyo simply for the fact that the main characters are just so well created having this cuddly and younger sibling energy.

All in all Studio Ghibli has a large selection of films that really meet anyone’s needs, and I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like or I’ll eat my words. But you don’t have to take my word for it, honestly, just go check it out and let me know what you think, until next time peace.

Naked Singularity: A Detailed Review

Naked Singularity: THe Reality of the Justice System

If you didn’t already know, the US Supreme Court and the overall US Justice System is one of the most absurd, broken and mal running things in today’s society. It’s really not a news flash as we’ve all clearly seen, yet there are many out there that wouldn’t agree, so to those that don’t agree even with factual evidence I leave you to live your life in your own singularity.

Naked Singularity actively speaks on the matter stated above as we follow the story of Casi, played by John Boyega, who is a district attorney bent on helping the people who are labeled as criminals. He believes they all should be given a second chance, at least to some extent as the majority of cases he receives are based on very minor misdemeanors but would otherwise be label criminal activity to the court of law. This film takes an amazing jab at the problems of the court while throwing a heist theme, physics, and philosophy in the mix.

Now to give you a short run down Casi is a DA who is hit one after the other with false accusations of his character, work and defense for his client by the court of law and his designated judge. He ends up hopeless all while witnessing strange events that only he seems to notice. Until an old acquaintance arrives at his doorstep and opens up a world of choices. This leads to him making the decision of stealing the price tag of a truck load of drugs also trying to be attained by Craig, the main antagonist of the film. He ultimately does get the money and also has the drugs seized making it a clean getaway. With his new found earnings he starts up his new funded attorney office and the rest is up to the imagination.


I REALLY enjoyed this film as it incorporated many aspects that I’ve studied in my own personal life, such as philosophy, philosophy of laws, physics, and a love for a good heist. John Boyega really plays his character well and although it received a rating well below average of 30% rotten I believe it deserves more praise. I honestly believe more people should go see it as it tells a good story, and even though it seems to be showing in select theaters it is available to be rented on Vudu, and other major media distributors.

If you are looking for more reason to like John as an actor then this is definitely the movie for you, not to mention the incredible characters played by Olivia Cooke, Bill Skarsgard, and Ed Skrein. And also as a personal choice I have to mention my EXTREME DISTASTE for this district judge played by Linda Levin, who plays into why the justice system is so broken, following what the “law’ says is wrong even when the perpetrator has signs of a new leaf.


With more detail I want to speak on how they use the idea of a naked singularity, which in physics is at its over simplification the idea that we are able to see inside what a black hole holds which is a singularity that isn’t normally visible, ergo the “Naked” aspect in the title Naked Singularity. John plays an outstanding role in depicting what happens when a man who believes everyone deserves a second chance get grind down to see the injustices that the system brings all in the name of the law. He posed a good picture of a man figuring out what exactly is good and what is actually bad, which I have a lot of research papers down on, especially when faced of stealing money from drug runners. I loved his ideology and his character development at the end, which is a drastic yet understandable new found face of logic.

I don’t just want to speak on John though, as this film really carried its onslaught of big names, as I mention we had Olivia Cooke who you may know more easily in her role as Samantha /Sam in Ready Player One. She also played an outstanding role having her character deal with tough choices, all while trying to keep herself as safe as she can be while getting tangled with the wrong person. We have to mention Bill Skarsgard too, as a more comic relief best friend to John, although he has fewer instances in the 90 min film, he really brought some fun to the plot and not to mention his switch up from playing Pennywise the Dancing Clown in IT. His few scenes really brought out a laugh from the more dramatic tones this film carries and honestly balances out comedy and seriousness that’s covered in here. We also have to mention Ed Skrein who if you don’t recognize his name maybe you’ll recognize Francis as Deadpool calls him in Deadpool, that’s right, he also plays the big bad in a superhero movie which makes him the perfect contender for a drug mule in this film. He plays his role in an immaculate manner that honestly leaves me wondering if he’s too good to not play the bad guy then will he get other roles?

The dynamic that these character play are spot on and just increases the watchability of the film. Yes they are big names for a movie that many may not recognize but it should have been, and I hope that more watch after reading this review.

Bill Skarsgard far left, John Boyega middle left, Olivia Cooke middle right, Ed Skrein far right.

Overall I give this 5 out of 5 stars, I saw really no problems with the film, it was easy for me to follow and my love for reforming the justice system, philosophy, and physics all stand tall in this film. I can honestly say that if you watch and you don’t enjoy the film then maybe I’m the oddball out, but hey don’t just take my word for it really watch it and let me know what you think, till next time, peace.